Thank You Open Thread

Say Thank You to Anyone Connected to Operation Open Arms Here

Want to shout out a thank you to an Operation Open Arms contributor that provided services? Or say thanks to someone that made a donation? There are so many more to thank – reporters covering our events, contributors offering free services, volunteers including our charity in events, elected officials supporting our charity… the list goes on.

Just type in the comment box below and press “Post Comment.” Your thank you note will appear in this Thank You Open Thread after our moderator’s approval. Thank YOU!

9 responses to “Thank You Open Thread

  1. I just heard of your wonderful program. I feel the need to Thank you for all you do, it brought tears to my eyes. There will be a special place in Heaven for you someday (not right away a hope)! Take care and motor on, catch the big one!

  2. Peter Bartolotta

    Good morning! I just finished watching your story on the Today Show…. just wanted to say thank you for everything you do and have given me inspiration even more to say thanks to all of our troops past, present, and future! Please keep up the great work and I hope much support to your projects!

  3. Russel Dsouza

    I would like to thank CPT Roy Bennett for the awesome time on board his fishing vessel. I would also like to thank Operation Open Arms for arranging this trip.

    SSG Dsouza

  4. I would like to thank Jensen Twins Palm and Marina for the wonderful hospitality I received. They are awesome and I really enjoyed my stay there.

    SSG Dsouza
    US Army

  5. I would like to say thank you to CPT Roy Bennett. He took myself and 2 other family members out on a half day of fishing with the intent to catch a big fish. My mission was indeed fulfilled, I only caught one fish but it was a 6 foot, 130 pound tarpon who I fought for 15 minutes and tired me out. This was such an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment so I would like to thank him for taking me out and letting me catch my biggest fish ever. Not only is he an extraordinary fisherman he also takes pride in conserving wildlife. He also took a DNA sample of this fish for future research since not much is known about these fish. Hearing Cpt Bennett is a retired NYC police officer, his love for fishing and what he does for the men and women who wear the uniform makes him a very respectable man. I will be deploying in August for my second deployment but I will always remember this trip and the six foot tarpon I managed to catch.

    SGT Gaston Garcia, 68WF3
    C co 2-1 GSAB
    Fort Riley , KS

  6. I would like to thank Captain Roy Bennett for a great day on the water with my father-in-law. I leave next Friday for Osan AB Korea for a 365 day tour away from my family. I have served two tours to Iraq and have been all over the world in other regions. In my travels it’s a rarity to find someone as kind as Capt Roy. I came to Cape Coral to relax and clear my head before leaving my wife and three children. Trying to find a charter I came across this awesome individual that not only said he would take me but said there will be no charge when it came to the price of the charter. We caught tons of fish and had a blast! He even gave us bait and tackle to try our luck after we parted ways. I also found out today Capt Roy served as a police officer for twenty years. To think he thanked me for my service of sixteen years blows my mind. Capt Roy, you are a patriot and have restored my faith that there are good people still in this world. Thanks again for your service and big heart!

    MSgt Dean Baskett
    689 Combat Communications Wing USAF

  7. Margaret Sessions writes:

    In 2007 my husband passed away. He had wanted his ashes scattered in the Gulf and I had no way to do this. I called Capt Bunch and asked him if he knew of anyone who could help me in this, since there had been a story about him, I figured maybe he knew someone who could help me. He stated he would do it and he did. My son and I met him at the docks and he took us out to the mandatory 3 mile limit and I scattered my husband’s ashes. When I asked what the charge was, he said “no charge”.
    This man is a very giving man and does so much to make other people’s lives better for the time. We need more like him. We gave him a donation for his services even though he had said no charge. Thanks Capt Bunch.

  8. Captain Roy Bennett writes: On 2/2/12, I had E3 Jeffery Maxom and his wife, Hope out on my boat for a day of trout fishing. We ended up leaving the trout biting as I had a 4 p.m. doctor’s appt to go to. We caught about 70 trout and kept 4. Sad to hear that Jeff returns to Afghanistan for another 5 months on Valentines Day. It was also a very poignant moment when Jeff facetiously mentioned the he just turned 21 and now it was legal for him to drink alcohol. Amazing that he can put his life on the line for us in another country yet he wasn’t old enough to drink legally.

    I had to write to tell everyone what an enlightening and fun day we had. I still don’t know who I do these trips for:the soldier or myself.
    Thanks, Capt Roy Bennett Hot One II Charters, Cape Coral, FL

  9. Lee Commissioner Praises Operation Open Arms

    Capt. Bunch,

    I had just finished reading this wonderful story in The Pine Island Eagle about Caitlin and Sgt. Gabriel Lopez’s wedding.

    What the Operation Open Arms organization and you do for these families is truly commendable. I have followed the great things that your organization has done for our young military couples over the past few years and applaud you and those who volunteer their services with your organization. Keep up the wonderful job!

    Also, thank you for your kind words about Bob Janes. He left big shoes for me to fill and I will always appreciate his kindness towards me and his friendship.

    Commissioner John Manning
    District One Office
    Lee County Board of County Commissioners

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