Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs. Crosby – Our 92nd Wedding

Tara Woodring and Jeremy Crosby, both active duty service members, tied the knot at a sunset wedding on Pine Island at renowned Tarpon Lodge.

Its 92nd wedding, Operation Open Arms contributors gave the Crosbys a full-service wedding. “They did everything from the cake to the invitations, the lodging, the venue, everything,” says Woodring. “It was amazing.”

View the WINK News Story on the Crosby wedding here.

John Bunch, founder of Operation Open Arms, says the popularity of their free weddings has grown quickly since the first ceremony in 2005 and the ability to continue offering free weddings is in jeapordy.

According to Bunch, a ceremony and honeymoon can cost as much as $20,000, and while many local businesses donate their services, the organization’s coffers are drying up, as are the donors.

Without more help, he says, the group will soon have to decide whether to create a separate charity for weddings or stop offering the aid all together.

Click here to donate and assist Operation Open Arms‘ services to active duty service members. Click here to contribute your local services.

One response to “Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs. Crosby – Our 92nd Wedding

  1. Margaret Sessions

    In 2007 my husband passed away. He had wanted his ashes scattered in the Gulf and I had no way to do this. I called Capt Bunch and asked him if he knew of anyone who could help me in this, since there had been a story about him, I figured maybe he knew someone who could help me. He stated he would do it and he did.
    My son and I met him at the docks and he took us out to the mandatory 3 mile limit and I scattered my husband’s ashes. When I asked what the charge was, he said “no charge”.
    This man is a very giving man and does so much to make other people’s lives better for the time. We need more like him. We gave him a donation for his services even though he had said no charge. Thanks Capt Bunch.

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