Operation Open Arms Needs Volunteers

February, 2012: Florida Weekly writer Roger Williams writes about Operation Open Arms, its founder Captain John “GiddyUp Bunch.” and what Operation Open Arms needs to continue providing benefits to active duty service members:

“OOA needs a professional grant writer. OOA needs an office. OOA needs an administrative assistant. OOA needs a director to soon take my place. Most of all, OOA needs contributions to pay for all the things associated with a legit charity, like the American Red Cross has. They have a well-paid staff. They have a beautiful office, vans and cars. They have an advertising budget.

“I go to the post office after a charter hoping to see a check in Box 101.”

I don’t think Capt. Bunch cares about some of that — the beautiful office and what-not.

But he could use some help, and so could the young men and women coming home from very difficult places.”

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