Fort Myers Weekly Bestows “Best Of’ Honor to OOA

From the Fort Myers Florida Weekly, May 2012 “Best Of 2011” List

OOA Founder Best Do-Gooder

Fishing guide and Capt. John “Giddy-up” Bunch’s seven-year effort to give troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan weddings, honeymoons, vacations, fishing trips and joy at no charge — a form of thanks — is unprecedented. Now also a licensed pastor, these days Capt. Bunch can perform weddings himself by land, air and sea (and why not? He’s a former Marine Corps officer, after all). More than 150 businesses in the region support his effort, but more support is always better support. You can find him at

Not Your Usual “Best Of” List

Typical “Best of” sections in local newspapers require merchants to buy ads to have their names placed on the ballot. No ad, no chance to win.

That’s not their style here at Florida Weekly. They created a Best of Lee County that was fun, entertaining and untainted (for the most part) by commerce. They set out to create a list that captured the character or our unique area with the kind of flair you’ve come to expect from that publication. Read the full best of list winners here.

One response to “Fort Myers Weekly Bestows “Best Of’ Honor to OOA

  1. Margaret Sessions

    Bunch has been giving back to the community longer than we really know. He is one of the Good Guys that very few hear about, we only hear about the bad guys, but, there are good guys out there that need recognition and Capt Bunch is one on top of the list.

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