Operation Open Arms Wedding, September 2011

Operation Open Arms received this letter from a local military Mom and we are gathering donations and contributors for this service family wedding in Southwest Florida. The wedding will be early September, 2011. Please help us help this military family now – click here to donate.

My daughter living in North Carolina has no support system. Leaving her home sick and her husband has been deployed to Afghanistan until August. She has been feeling extremly stressed since he left and we hope that a trip back home would destress her. Unfortantly we don’t have the money to send her back home. She has expierenced finical hardships and unable to find a job she needs a break. Bringing her back her back home will help her catch up with her bills and provide time for her to be with her family.

When she’s back here she would like to plan her wedding. With that in mind she would like an outdoor wedding surrounded by trees, away from the beach, and she would prefer the reception at home. She would like to have the reception at home so no one would worry about losing the reception hall or things not going according to plan. We also don’t know what the exact date he would come home, since we don’t know the exact date.

For her honey moon she has no ideal place she would like to spend it as long as it is quiet.

Kevin is stationed at unit
CLB 8 TS Co.
Unit 73762
FBO AE 09510-3762
His unit is from Fort Lejeune.

Thank you, Elke Quinn

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