Operation Open Arms Presents USMC Fallen Hero Medallion

On Saturday May 26, 2012, OOA Founder Captain John Bunch presented the United States Marine Corp Fallen Hero Medallion to Mr. and Mrs. Murray at the Pink Shell Resort on Fort Myers Beach. Captain Bunch wrote:

“It was my honor and privilege to present the USMC Fallen Hero Medallion to the parents of Cpl Brandon Jeremy Murray of Cape Coral at 10AM this morning. Corporal Murray was a highly decorated US Marine who had distinguished himself as a brave and trusted warrior. 5 US Marines who served with Brandon in Afg were there to pay tribute. A part of me was taken away with Brandon today. God bless him, his family, and the USMC. Semper Fi”

One response to “Operation Open Arms Presents USMC Fallen Hero Medallion

  1. Brenda - Admin

    After the presentation of the medallion, Dony Lubig wrote:

    Dearest Capt. John:
    Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel in my heart for this favor that you have done for me. This news really breaks my heart and I cannot begin to think what Mr. & Mrs. Murray and Shannon and the rest of the family are going thru right now. My heart is heavy with sorrow and sadness;. I would like to Thank you again for being there for me and for presenting the medal to them.

    You are a great man and human being. God Bless You always and protect you for all you do in the good times and the sad times. It is men like you that makes this Country of ours a great place.

    Thank you again.

    Your friend Dony Lubig.

    Catering Sales Manager, Pink Shell Resort

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